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AV Winter Combat Gi & Rashguard Set (Men)
$215.00 $175.00
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The AV Winter Combat Gi & Rashguard Set! Purchase together and save $40!

  • The AV Winter Combat Gi & Rashguard Set! Purchase together and save $40!

  • Customer Reviews

    • Best Overall Gi I Own!!!
      I own several gi’s and with the gents I train with own a vast variety as well (Fuji, Kingz, Tatami, Hyperfly etc..) and up until this gi, the Fuji Suparaito has been my favorite among the pack. However, this AV Combat gi beats out for a few specific reasons aside from offering the sick camo blue stitching now :)

      1. The pants for the AV Combat gi have a better fit and the draw strings stay tied much better as well. 
      2. The look of both gi’s are on par with each other; super slick, simple and sharp.
      3. And the feature for the win.....the AV Combat gi has a mouthgaurd holder in the jacket. Crazy how the Fuji Sup doesn’t have one being it’s Fuji’s top tier gi. 

      Summary- Great look and comfortable feel! Light yet durable! Pants stay tied! Convenient pocket for mouthguard! All this is why I give this gi an overall 5 Star!

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    • 1st Gii Ever!!!
      This Gii is amazing , the contrast stitching is brighter and more vivid which was a nice surprise AND the Slim cut is very stylish. I’m 5’3 135ish lbs so I got an A0 and it fits perfect pre-wash , I’ll update after the wash but I like a tighter fit as I am shorter so clothes usually run big on me . I’m very excited to break it in with my Gracie Combatives Video evaluation as well as during my Master Cycle Mastery Journey :)  And.. The rash guard is sick of course , matches up great fits better and came cheap lol . Let’s keep it real , $40 off is a steal these days , I’ll take it !!! Guys get this Gii as soon as that paycheck hits, those taxes deposit , allowance stacks up , then suit up and Keep it Playful out here ! And remember to give thanks to the Grandmaster , Rener , and Ryron as none of this would be possible without their contribution to the cause . Happy Rolling !!!

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  • Height (ft)
    Weight (lbs)
    A05'2" - 5'4"110 - 135
    A15'4" - 5'8"140 - 165
    A25'8" - 6'0"165 - 195
    A35'11" - 6'3"195 - 230
    A46'2" - 6'5"235 - 250
    A56'5" - 6'8"250 - 270

    Rener is 6'4" (190 Lbs) and wears an A3.

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